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Insurance of household

  • Movable assets which are a set of household equipment and are used to its operation (furniture, carpets, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, washing machine ...) or to satisfy the needs of household members (audiovisual and computer equipment, photo equipment, sports equipment, antiques, collections , valuables, books, clothes ...).
  • These things owned by household members as well as foreign things who household members legitimately use (eg in case lease rent).
  • Accessories and parts of building adjacent to the internal spaces of the dwelling (floating floor, kitchen with built-in appliances, walls and ceilings, wallpaper, paint, etc.)

As part of Home insurance you have ensure the protection of home furnishings - furniture, carpets, electronics, sporting goods, tableware, flowers, etc. It also includes protection of valuables such as jewelry and paintings, but also bicycles, electronics, etc., within specified limits . Except in exceptional cases, the insurance company does not take the inspection of the insured home.


  • fire, explosion, lightning strike or plane crash
  • water from the water system
  • burglaries
  • robberies
  • windstorm or hail
  • flooding or flood
  • sudden landslide of rocks and soil avalanches or collapse
  • weight of snow
  • falling trees, poles and other objects
  • impact of the vehicle or its load
  • earthquake
  • frost on the heating system and plumbing equipment
  • drainage of water from the drain pipe
  • vandalism
  • shock wave caused by supersonic aircraft
  • smoke
  • leakage of water from an aquarium containing min. 50 l
  • surge
  • atmospheric precipitation
  • broken glass from causes other than the insured risk