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Mortgage dictionary

AnnuityRegular installment loan, containing both the amortization (principal) and interest. Their ratio in the payment is changing over time.
ApartmentFile of rooms and other areas under a common conclusion that its technical and structural and functional organization and equipment meet the requirements for permanent housing. They must have a living space, own lockable entrance, hall, space for cooking, for food storage, for personal hygiene and the location of the toilet bowl. The extent and nature of the equipment of individual spaces must match the size of the apartment.
Price usual propertyPrice, which has been reached in sales of identical or similar property in the ordinary course of trade on the valuation date, taking into account all the future foreseeable factors that reduce its value. This award provides for the needs of mortgage bank loan.
Usual price futurePrice of real estate valued according to the state after completion of construction in the price level at the measurement date.
market PriceThe price at which the property actually sells and buys the property market.
Apartment houseThe building, which prevails in the function of housing.
Family houseFamily House is a building whose building arrangement meets the requirements for family housing is more than half of the floor area of ​​all rooms designed for living. Family house may take up to three separate apartments and a maximum of two floors and a basement and attic.
mortgage LoanLoan whose repayment and accessories are secured by property under construction.
Mortgage bondBond, whose nominal value, including interest, is fully covered by claims from mortgage loans.
PrincipalOutstanding amount of debt, the amount of interest that counts.
Land registrySummary of properties, including their inventory, description, geometric and positional of properties. Part of the Land Registry's is evidence of ownership and other rights in rem.
The combined productMortgage loan combined with building savings or life insurance.
List of propertyExtract from the land registry of property on which the data of the land registry territory , part of municipality, land registry office which issued the owner or owners of real estates, which is marked plot´s number and house number or other indication registered with the data, information on possible restrictions of property rights and the ownership title to the property. It is one of the documents evidencing ownership of the property.
PropertyThe building, which prevails in the function of housing
Legal effects of investment in the real estateShould there by Land Registry for permission to deposit and the date of receipt of the proposal to permit the deposit.
right of first refusalThe consent of the owner of the property by a sale of the property offered primarily justified on the pre-emptive rights.
Property of spouses (SJM)It can occur only between spouses. Spouses may contract by a notarial deed statutory SJM narrow range. Court decision can also narrow the SJM. SJM expires dissolution of marriage.
plotLand designated for construction based on building permits or zoning.
Interest rateThe amount that the borrower is obligated to pay the creditor of his claim. Sets are usually a percentage of the amount outstanding during the period.
EasementRestrictions on the rights of the owner of immovable property in favor of someone else so that he must have something, something something or refrain from taking place.
PledgeThe legal instrument to secure recovery. Commonly occurs on the basis of the pledge contract. In case of default the pledgee claims (eg, mortgage bank) entitled to seek satisfaction from the pledged things.